Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17 Book Marketing Matters Newsletter


Volume 7, Issue 23 - November 17, 2008

Read the November 17 Issue of "Book Marketing Matters" for FREE help with selling more books to non-bookstore markets. This free, bi-weekly, special-sales ezine contains regular columns by Dan Poynter, John Kremer, Marcella Smith, Paulette Ensign, Rick Frishman, Eric Kampmann, Pam Lontos, Roger C. Parker, Robin Bartlett and Brian Jud.


This newsletter is sent at no charge and is filled with brief statements of facts to help you sell more books into non-traditional markets such as Wal-Mart, book clubs, airport stores, home shopping networks, corporations, catalogs and schools. All past issues are available at the Archives link on the right if you would like to see examples.


You will find additional hints on cover design, publicity, Internet marketing and more.Your email address will not be sold to any other mailing list. Thank you, Brian     






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