Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept 19 Book Marketing Matters Newsletter

Attend Brian Jud's free Webinars to learn how to sell more books. If you are near St Louis, plan to attend Brian's seminar (with Dan Poynter and Judith Briles) on Oct 1. Every other week this newsletter helps you discover valuable book-marketing tips from the top experts in the business. Dan Poynter, Guy Achtzehn, Eric Kampmann, John Kremer, Brian Jud and more people talk about book marketing, design, distribution, publicity and other topics of interest for book publishers. See how Brian's new book, "How to Make Real Money Selling Books" can help you sell more of your books in non-bookstore markets. It also lists the latest inquiries from sales reps for the books in our commission-based special-sales program.

Volume 10, Issue 19-September 19 2011.pdf


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